Carpet Doctors designs and implements proven preventive maintenance programs tailored directly to each of our client's needs. Our programs will prolong the life of your carpet by preserving the quality appearance, and durability of your carpet. We achieve this with time tested methods: traffic analysis, carpet quality and wear likelihood etc. We utilize proper cleaning schedules, and training of staff to maintain high durability and longevity of your carpeting. We enlist a host of tools at our disposal to meet your needs.

A proper maintenance program will extend the life of your carpeting, therefore saving money in the long run. We know the best maintenance programs are continuously fine-tuned, adjusted and refined in relation to volume, cooperate environment, structural layout, lighting and various factors most cooperate managers do not have time to see.

Time and time again we see improper maintenance programs that result in an unpleasant appearance, seam separation and premature replacement of the carpeting,. Our tailored designed programs save money by protecting the fiber of the carpet. Our comprehensive program includes daily notation and inspection of seams, followed by micro-repairs before problems arise. Cleaning performance reviews, cleaning solution and frequency adjustments. A lot of careful planning goes into each tailored design program. As a direct result, we can extend the texture and wear of the carpet Improving overall appearance and the life of the carpeting.

We are confident that the cost of the program we design will be considerably less than the premature replacement of the carpeting and in the long run will ultimately lead to big savings for corporate managers in all environments.

When the preventive maintenance program designed specifically for your organization keeps you from unnecessarily investing in the premature replacement of your carpeting, we have happily done our job in designing the right program for you.