Why Should you Choose Us?

Carpet Doctors is highly qualified in the carpet maintenance field and is committed to utilizing its vast experience in helping its clientele in prolonging the life of their flooring. We are time tested and industry approved. We have been in the business for 31 years. We have a reliable team and are ready to provide you with all you're flooring needs.

Carpet Doctors is uniquely qualified;. Everything from the simplest hardwood floor installation, multi-room residential carpet cleaning, VCT cleaning and maintenance to the most sophisticated carpeted patterned designs installations in the industry. Carpet Doctors technicians and consultants are all certified, not only in maintaining carpet's, but in installations, carpet repairs, power re-stretching, water damage restorations and more.

Carpet Doctors services organizations in various industries and of various sizes and our clientele include: World Wide Life Fund, Dulles Airport, Newark Airport, National Archives, USDA, The Department of Justice, Idylwood Towers, and The Renaissance condos and GateHudson Community Management. Your commitment to work with Carpet Doctors will pay dividends far greater than extending the life of your carpet, it will provide you with peace-of-mind knowing that you are working with an organization with the experience and dedication necessary to support your day to-day and long term needs.